Fall Festivities

Hello All!

We hope that you each had a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with family, friends, grateful hearts, many blessings, and of course a lot of yummy food!  

As fall is coming to an end, our many festivities here at Castle Rock Kids’ Dentistry are winding down as well.  We had a lot of events that we participated in during October and November that kept us busy and active in the community. 

Some of you may have seen us in October at the Grange for their annual Pumpkin Fest.  Perhaps you didn’t recognize us because Dr. Mike was dressed as the Cat in the Hat and the staff was dressed as Things 1, 2, & 3 (yes, we know there isn’t really a thing 3;).  We had so much fun giving out candy and seeing everyone in their costumes! 


DSC_0072Also in October, we went to the Rock Christian Academy and did presentations for the Preschool and Kindergarten classes.  We always enjoy teaching kids about proper oral hygiene and the importance of taking care of their teeth.  Our special mascot, Pickles the Hippo, accompanied us- we don’t know who had more fun, Pickles or the kiddos! 



As though all of that wasn’t enough fun, we were invited by Clear Sky Elementary to visit the Kindergarten classes and take hand impressions of each of the kiddos.  We then brought all of the impressions back to our office and poured them up in dental stone.  Each child got to take home the stone model of their hand for a keepsake.  We had so many molds of little tiny hands covering all the counter space in our office waiting to be delivered- it was adorable!  We know that the parents will treasure these keepsakes forever!


The last big event that we did this year was our first annual Halloween Candy Buy-Back.  Of course everyone knows that kids always have WAY more candy then they need after trick-or-treating on Halloween.  And we also know that all that Halloween candy is bad for their little teeth!  We decided to sponsor a candy buy-back where the kids could bring in their Halloween candy and we bought it from them!  We ended up buying 147 POUNDS of candy!! That’s a lot! We then sent a bunch of the candy to the troops overseas and we are donating some locally as well.  

We decided that helping kids’ teeth and the troops is great, but we also wanted to help the elementary schools here in Castle Rock.  So, we gave the kids an option to donate their money from selling their candy to their school.  We then matched their donations dollar for dollar.  It was refreshing to see how generous children are and that our first Halloween Candy Buy Back was a success for the schools too!  Meadow View Elementary ended up winning for most money donated.  Be looking out for this awesome event next year after Halloween! 🙂 

This Thanksgiving, we are so thankful for each and every one of you.  Thankful for the generous families that donated their Halloween Candy to put a smile on soldier’s faces and earn money for their school.  Thankful for the elementary schools that let us come and do fun projects and presenations with the kiddos.  Thankful for a community with many fun events for children and for all of you that always come say hi to us.  And most of all, we are thankful for each of our wonderful patients- without you, we wouldn’t exist- so thank you!

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