Office Hours
Monday: 7am to 3pm

Tuesday-Thursday: 8am to 4pm

Friday:  8am to 2 pm

Your appointment time has been specifically reserved for your child.  Please make every effort to keep your scheduled appointment or inform our office in advance if you need to re-schedule. Ideally, we would appreciate at least 48 hours notice.  We understand children get sick and family emergencies arise and we will do our very best to accommodate those situations.

Our “open door policy” welcomes parents to join their child in the exam and treatment rooms regardless of age.  This gives us an opportunity to know with you as well as your child.  Building friendships with your family and providing the very best dental care is what our practice is about!

As a courtesy to our patients, our office is more than happy to file insurance for you and ensure your benefits are utilized properly and fairly.  Please notify us within 48 hours of any insurance changes to expedite this process.  Please understand that we are only able to give you estimates of coverage at the time of service.  Your insurance company may cover the majority of the appointment fee.  However, if there are portions not entirely covered by your insurance we ask that charges be reconciled at the time of service.  We want you to be well informed regarding our financial policy so please do not hesitate to ask questions regarding these matters.