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2352 Meadows Blvd Suite 200 | Castle Rock, CO 80109 | 303-814-1335

Why Choose Us

Dr. Mike is famous for his magic tricks that wow the kiddos! But besides all the fun kids can have visiting the dentist, we realize that dental visits can be stressful and we work hard to make every appointment enjoyable and memorable for everyone involved Our compassionate staff will take care of your child from the first time you walk through our doors. We provide you, the parent or guardian, with multiple treatment options and possible outcomes of that treatment so you are able to make an informed choice for treatment of your child’s dental needs. Dr. Mike is always willing to provide a recommendation "if it were my son/daughter" should you want his opinion.

Aside from all the fun we can have in the office, our location is perfect! We are affiliated with Castle Rock Adventist Hospital and can take advantage of the many benefits that provides. Dr. Mike is able to perform hospital dentistry with general anesthesia right here at home in the Castle Rock hospital and can coordinate multiple treatments for kids with additional medical needs. Also, our office is frequently visited by the hospital's "Angel Paws" therapy dogs, which is always a thrill for our patients!

Just outside our office doors is the beautiful "Healing Garden" that Dr. Mike himself helped design with kids in mind. The play house and outdoor space for kids to "get the wiggles out" is great for kids in-between appointments or having lunch afterward.

Manna restaurant, located on the first floor of the hospital, has a world class chef-run kitchen providing homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can often catch Dr. Mike and his family grabbing a quick bite together for dinner there.

The Alexander building, where our office is located, also serves many other needs of families. Other medical offices in the building include two pediatrician groups, primary family care, OB/GYN and midwife services, dermatology, and physical therapy, to name a few.